Teamwork is at the heart of education. Whether you’re a teacher or faculty staff, working together is essential to provide the best possible experience and outcomes for students. You need IT that is makes it easier for everyone to do their job and empowers your teams to overcome the obstacles that the sector faces. Your IT needs to be reliable, secure and always working away in the background, effortlessly driving you forward so that you and your students can reach your goals.

Empower and enable

Our IT solutions for the education sector help you collaborate, communicate, and are designed to make you more productive as well as being totally secure.

So that you get every bit of value from your IT solutions, we have developed an adoption and proficiency offering for Office 365, specifically for the education sector. Our workshops explain the features and benefits of the platform and give effective strategies for rolling out Office 365 in your organization.

Teamwork and collaboration

When your teams can communicate and work together easily, everyone benefits. Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that lets you create channels (or ‘teams’) where you can work on projects together, leave comments for one another and save on work on files, without leaving the app.

Identity and access management

The education sector deals with lots of confidential information, so managing who can access this is essential. Our identity and access management solutions put you in control of who can access your IT environment and how, so you can be confident your data is secure.

Becoming a modern workplace

Cloud solutions like Office 365 make educational organisations agile, futureproof and able to keep up with ever-changing demands. Our Office 365 migrations seamlessly move you to the cloud, so you can access your favourite productivity tools from any device, securely.

Adoption and proficiency workshops

Our adoption and proficiency workshops help you use Office 365 to its full potential. Our Getting Started program is ideal for organisations who want to know their way around Office 365 and learn how to introduce it to their teams.

Microsoft Teams is your remote classroom

In response to the challenges posed by Covid-19, Teams for Education is supporting and enabling users to continue working, learning and collaborating in a productive, secure and engaging way. At a time when classes and examinations on-site are currently not possible, Teams offers the education industry both short-term and longer-term solutions and can help educational organisations confront, and solve some of their most significant challenges while delivering empowering experiences to students and educators.

IT solutions

Innovative IT solutions and user adoption programs for the education sector.