Keeping you productive around the clock

Professional services firms provide essential support and services to companies of every kind. With such a diverse customer base, professional services firms need to react and adapt to the changing needs of their customers and the evolving landscape in which they operate. IT for the professional services sector needs to be fast, flexible, powerful and secure, empowering you to deliver services quickly, efficiently and without any disruption. Linkkonnect IT solutions for the professional services are designed to drive you forward, keep you productive around the clock and enable you to meet the diverse needs of your customers.

Security and confidentiality

Keep your critical business safe from viruses, malware, cyber attack, and unauthorized access.

In addition to your workstation’s antivirus software, we are the second line of defense – ensuring viruses, malware, and cyber-attacks are identified and stopped before further infection occurs.

IT Solutions

  • Backup and disaster recovery services
  • Legislative IT compliance expertise
  • Authorized role-based access protocols to prevent internal espionage
  • Cloud solutions to support multiple firm locations
  • Proactive antivirus, firewall, endpoint protection, and anti-malware solutions
  • Secure, encrypted email transmissions
  • Policy and protocol implementation and monitoring
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Secure mobile workflow and data access
  • Awareness training
  • Phishing threat training
  • Website filtering
  • Email archiving solutions

Our team at Linkkonnect Systems Solutions has carefully crafted a holistic suite of services to address the productivity needs of professional services businesses.

Among the services in the package are:

    • Microsoft 365 ( Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive)
    • Spam, Phishing and Malware Protection
    • Office 365 Backup Services for Email Communications
    • Email Signatures

Cost Savings

Our customized IT solutions are built to suit your business requirements, offering the flexibility to meet your unique needs and provide fixed-fee pricing.