Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Solutions

The advancements in Industry 4.0 and the confluence of disruptive technologies is transforming manufacturing industry – with machines becoming intelligent and digitally managed, plants becoming dynamic and data-driven, and supply chain and operations getting augmented by advanced analytics, AI and AR. This transformation is creating profound opportunities for traditional manufacturing companies – by disintermediating value chains, driving efficiency, transforming products into services, and bringing manufacturers closer to the consumer.

Enhance operations with manufacturing industry IT solutions

Project goals though affect every business, but one industry the cannot afford to miss even a single deadline is manufacturing. The faster the time-to-market, the better the ROI.

But faster operations don’t happen by themselves. Embracing technologies before the process, in between the process, and after the process could definitely guarantee a good yield and profit too. And all thanks to manufacturing industry IT solutions which have made this possible. When we say industrial manufacturing solutions, then it starts right from manufacturing to product design to supply chain and to service. Linkkonnect manufacturing consulting services enable manufacturers to deploy best-in-class solutions. With the aid of technologies like IoT, data analytics, AI & automation, cloud, etc. we are helping manufacturing industries in digital transformation.

Manufacturing companies have partnered with Linkkonnect Systems Solutions to generate transformative business value through innovative products, transforming operations, increasing asset utilization, minimizing unplanned downtime, and creating new business models.

Our Offerings

Cloud: Linkkonnect bring together the expertise of DevOps and Cloud to help clients scale up using best practices and platforms available in the market. We have an association with leading cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud to serve you better.

AI & Automation: At Linkkonnect, we help companies find, frame, and solve exceptional business challenges by leveraging artificial intelligence and automation to build better business value. We orchestrate robotic, intelligent, and autonomous capabilities at the same level to provide the best solution.

IoT: The professionals at Linkkonnect, adopt driving-edge technologies along with industry expertise, domain knowledge, experience, and robust delivery mechanism to help you reach newer avenues of IoT Solutions.

Data & Analytics: Linkkonect offers a comprehensive range of data analytics solutions to transform our client’s historical and real-time data into actionable insights. Our professionals define data analytics strategies and choose suitable technologies to drive better insights.

Digital Transformation: Our digital transformation consulting and solutions can help enterprises plan and execute strategies while investing in the best open technologies, offering better insights to boost digital strategy.

Cybersecurity: Reports suggest about 44% of businesses fail to install any necessary protection while interacting with their users to sell their products or services. In fact, their inefficiency to secure their processes ranges to non-trained staff putting them very close to external and internal vulnerabilities. Securing data from your industrial IoT and connected devices is critical. Linkkonnect has an enterprise-grade security solution that also provides natively integrated advanced security informed by the world-renowned Cisco TALOS organization to protect against known and unknown threats. This means you can rest easy knowing your IT infrastructure is secure.

Why Linkkonect

We help manufacturing organizations to accelerate their Digital Transformation journey, spanning product definition, development, production and distribution.