Technology Roadmap

With the commencement of the digital era, logistics companies are obligated to redefine and manage their business globally. Providing modern business solutions along with latest trends and technologies to keep their customers content has become a mandate. The Logistics industry is at the core of the global supply chain and is constantly evolving to keep pace with the increasing customer demand for cost-effective solutions to enhance productivity, quality, optimization and timing, which have become critical aspects of their businesses.

Full Managed IT

Linkkonnect Systems Solution has been providing managed IT services to transportation and logistics companies with 10 to 100 computer users. We’ve become the leading technical support firm for businesses involved with shipping, warehousing, and all types of local delivery. We’re so successful in this sector because of our problem-solving ability, attention to detail, and dedication to clients. These attributes play an important role in keeping hardware and software systems for shipping, supply chain management, and delivery running smoothly at all times.

Technology is shaping the future of your industry. Change is in the air. It’s time to partner with a team that can bring you the latest in technology for distribution and logistics.

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

There are many benefits to partnering with an outside technology firm for IT solutions for distribution and logistics.  Information technology has the power to transform your business.

  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • More effective delivery systems
  • Improved communications
  • More efficient tracking systems and delivery management
  • Route mapping software solutions

The bottom line is an improvement.  You want to become even better. Partnering with a great company like Linkkonnect for IT solutions will yield measurable results.  We can equip you with the right IT support for the distribution and logistics industry that will provide you with real-time answers to real-time problems.  Linkkonnect has IT solutions to keep your distribution or logistics company on task and on time all the time!  The benefits are undeniable.

Ways we help

  • Fast response and 24/7 support
  • Warehouse management systems
  • Build a reliable IT network on which to scale
  • Implement customer EDI systems and train employees on their use
  • Manage mobile devices and satellite offices
  • Streamline processes to improve efficiency
  • Integrate systems to maintain data accuracy
  • Enable new technologies such as RFID
  • Create security policy and procedures to protect data
  • Interpret technical aspects of regulatory compliance
  • Unlimited support calls
  • Backup and disaster recovery services
  • Authorized role-based access protocols to prevent internal espionage
  • Cloud solutions to support multiple locations
  • Proactive antivirus, firewall, endpoint protection, and anti-malware solutions
  • Encrypt emails and calls
  • Policy and protocol implementation and monitoring
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Secure mobile workflow and data access
  • Awareness training
  • Phishing threat training
  • Website filtering
  • Email archiving solutions

Industry Tools

Our customized IT Solutions are built to suit your business requirements. We get you the industry-specific tools you need to succeed!