Every client benefits from the increased costs savings and flexibility associated with our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony solutions.

LinkKonnect has extensive experience with VoIP and makes your move to VoIP seamless:

  • Keep your existing phone numbers when moving away from legacy ISDN lines
  • Perfect quality VoIP calls using a single internet connection for telephony and data
  • Ensures all your voice calls are completely secure
  • Use your existing private phone systems such as Avaya IP Office with our VoIP Service
  • Upgrade to our scalable and feature-rich Hosted PBX service with Cisco, Polycom, or Yealink Handsets
  • Full integration with your data systems and networks
  • Access from anywhere or link in remote offices or home workers

Whether you need a plug ’n’ play VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) handset to save money on call, or a larger, cloud-based VoIP or on-premises system to power a large call center, you’ll find the solution you need. And we’ll find you the most cost-effective system, with the flexibility to adapt for the future.

  • Cloud-based VoIP phone systems

    A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system gives you everything a traditional PBX does but with one crucial difference: it’s hosted in the cloud. VoIP technology converts your voice into a digital signal, allowing you to make calls over the internet. That means you spend less money on hardware and maintenance.

    Benefits of a cloud-based VoIP phone system

  • Cost control

    It’s hosted in the cloud so there isn’t an actual box of kit to buy, maintain, and house on your premises. That means less hardware costs (you’ll just need the actual phones and a router) and, if you’ve got more than one site, you don’t need to splash out on duplicate hardware. And you don’t need to worry about maintenance or upgrade costs either, because that all happens in the cloud.

  • It’s Future-proof

    VoIP helps you scale for future growth and enhance productivity. You can add new users and features easily so as your business grows, your phone system grows with you. Plus you only pay for what you need, helping you keep a lid on expenses.

  • Peace of mind

    There’s no need to worry about your system packing up and leaving you in the lurch. Our cloud-based systems are completely resilient because we use multiple, highly secure data centres. In the unlikely event that there’s a problem at one, your calls switch seamlessly to a back-up centre. Neither you nor your callers would even suspect there’d been a problem.

  • Stuffed full of call management features

    A VoIP system does everything your traditional phone system does and then some. You can use all of the features that you rely on in the office like call forwarding, automatic call routing, call transfers, 3-way calling, and so on but from wherever you are. So if you’re a salesman out in the field or you’re a property developer out – literally – in a field, you’ve no excuse for missing that important call again.

  • Hassle-free collaboration tools

    Our VoIP phone systems packages can give you more ways to collaborate and work with colleagues with options including video and audio conferencing, call management features and call recording.


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  • Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

    A cloud-based (or hosted) phone system also gives you the flexibility to take calls from both your desk phone and your computer or mobile, so you can utilize all the features of the office phone system wherever you are. With cloud telephony, you’ll never miss an important call again.

  • On-premises PBX systems

    We’ll install one of our top-flight PBX systems on your premises along with any PSTN or ISDN lines you may need. And with our PBX systems, VoIP and SIP trunking is also available.

  • Call Treatment

    Beyond features like call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail,  caller ID; our Phone System Solution offers a vast range of enhanced features to help manage calls from your home or your business.

  • Vanity Numbers

    LinkKonnect offers vanity numbers ar per customer request. With a vanity phone number, you are telling potential customers who you are and what you do. If your business is a nail salon, you can opt for custom 800 numbers like 1-800-NAILSPA or perhaps 1-800-NY-NAILS for a geographically targeted approach. Contact us for details.

  • icon-toll-free-services

    Toll-Free Numbers and Service

    Toll-free numbers add credibility and professionalism to any business. Keep your toll-free number or add new toll-free numbers. We have a wide selection of numbers including 800 numbers. Inbound toll-free calling is available at low monthly rates. Contact us for details.

  • Virtual Fax & T.38 Fax

    No more using traditional fax machines. Receive faxes in PDF format on any of your Fax available DIDs or have them forwarded to your preferred email address. Files supported: PDF, TXT, JPG, GIF, PNG, and TIF.
    Send a fax to another fax machine over the Internet using the T.38 protocol. Contact us for details.



Our vertical solutions expertise allows our customer’s businesses to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. Trusted for years by a vast range of business industries, from Education, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail, Hospitality, to the most prestigious Law, and Accounting firms in South Florida. LinkKonnect has you covered with industry-compliant IT solutions, customized to your company’s specific needs.

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    Quick response

    Our team responds quickly and solves problems permanently. We can log in to your PC or server remotely and resolve many issues immediately without the wait for a technician to travel to your location.

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    In more than 16 years of IT outsourcing, we have gained experience in a wide spectrum of technologies, industries, and application types.

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    No geek speak

    You deserve to have your questions answered in plain English. Our technicians will clearly explain what is happening so you understand.

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    Business savvy

    We design, evaluate and justify technology solutions from a thorough understanding of the business benefit for your company.

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    One Stop Shop

    We handle all aspects of your IT infrastructure including hardware, software management, and any other related technology needs.

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    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.

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Daniel Romero

Outsourcing our entire IT department to LinkKonnect Systems Solutions was one of the best moves we did in our continued effort to be a leader in our field. Not only have we made huge savings, but we have also realized how important a good IT service provider is.

Daniel Romero
CEO - Apasof
Raquel Patterson

LinkKonnet has proven to be efficient, professional, attentive, and friendly. Our calls are always returned promptly and problems dealt with swiftly. All around, we get an excellent level of service and would recommend LinkKonnect to any business looking for excellent IT Support cover at reasonable prices.

Raquel Patterson
Property Manager - Grove Hill Condominium
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